Tuesday, April 25, 2017

3 tips on saving money!

3 tips on saving money!

Piggy bank

Look for cheaper insurance. 
After looking up different car insurance i found out i got the best deal at the market. A few days later one insurance company called me up and asked what i thought of there offer. After a few minutes we agreed on a better insurance with a 25% lower monthly fee.  

Netflix, HBO, spotify, cabel tv and many others got a monthly fee going strait out of your bank account. Look at what you are using and stop the rest!

There are to easy ways to save money on food. First start looking on the price of different food. Often expensive food is in small packages. Calculate the kg price on what you are buying then its easier to get an idea on how expensive every meal is. After i started to calculate how much every meal cost i reduced food cost a lot and started eating more healthy. 

Second tip: don't throw away food. Start being conscious of how much food is thrown out. This helped me reducing the amount of food bought.


Monday, April 24, 2017

The 5 goals of 2017

First part of the journey 

The goals for 2017

Mål 1: Pay down the personal loan
Mål 2: Save max on the grovermet supported house saving account (BSU) 
Mål 3: Save 20 000 nok in founds.
Mål 4: Save a buffer account on 30 000 nok
Mål 5: Pay down the mortgages under 1 090 000 nok

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 2017 Update

This is my balance.This i my start on my journey to Fuck You Money!

All the numbers are in Norwegian korner (NOK) The 2 first are my house mortgage. The interest rate is very low and they are not mi first priority to pay down.

The 3 loan is a private loan that my goal i sto pay of by the end of 2017.

Index found and the buffer account i will talk more of later.

The last one BSU. Is a saving account for people under 34 with very god tax benefits and high interest rate. 

To sum it up: 1 430 334 nok in loans and 171 923 nok in savings.
In USD: 173 207$ in loans 20 819$ in savings.
(Currency rates 23.04.2017)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The start

The start

My story starts one year ago. That's when i understod i needed to take my finance more serous. 
I had one expensive carloan on a to expensive car, two loans on the house and one private loan.

I started small and tackled the expensive carloan first. Increased the down payment and paid it of in December 2016. that's 2 years before the 5 year plan on the loan.

I still had many bad habits and was living from paycheck to paycheck and often using kredit in the end of the month when i used all my salary.

My big scare was when i got home one day in January. I was suppose to look on a new computer and plan what i was going to get. That was the plan, the result was a new computer and a new mastercard.
At this point i had a lot of credit after Christmas on my old card and i understood i needed to change my life.

Hardcore budget life, cutting all expenses, no more alcohol, cheap home cooked food and hard work.
3 month and the credit cards was payed off. 
The feeling, the burden of my shoulders is indescribable!
The feeling i got made me set det goal of buling wealth and maybe one day be financially independent.      
Follow me on my journey! 

3 tips on saving money!

3 tips on saving money! Piggy bank 1 Look for cheaper insurance.  After looking up different car insurance i found out i got th...